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The “Rethink United Nations” is a long-term documentary about the United Nations work environments. This essay attempts to produce a truthful and objective reportage of today’s United Nations (UN) work spaces. As well as to provide evidence about the spaces and the surrounding environments where UN staff spend the better part of their time. This documentary does not portray the common view of UN staff at work nor does it turn the focus to people solely. This visual study looks for something else, something more particular and intimate about the secret world of diplomacy.

The element that this research shows in pictures is the “behind the scenes” and the commonality of international organizations and agencies: the images that people do not find in the official publications or reports issued by the UN. Therefore, the lens is pointed at the people with regular names and surnames on the doors, working in ordinary offices and living their common lives with times of joy, sadness, stress et cetera.

Outside Switzerland people may not perceive Geneva — the capital of peace — as a fascinating city, but it is famous for its diplomatic neighborhood and its role in world politics. Around 8,500 staff work as part of the United Nations family in Geneva, which is the largest concentration of United Nations personnel in the world. The questions inspiring this documentary: what is happening inside those mysterious UN buildings? What is the physical relationship of the UN workers to their workspace and environment?